How We Can Help

It is the policy of Strategy Associates, Inc. not to disclose current financial information. However, a general history is provided for potential clients’ information. During the past fourteen years, Frank Voehl has been managing successful consulting operations, beginning with FPL Qualtec Quality Services in 1985 and continuing with Strategy Associates in 1992.

During this time, our consulting operations were among the leaders in the field, achieving a yearly profitability (IBIT) of between 30-35% on a consistent basis. During that same time-period, revenues doubled each year over a seven year period, from $800,000 to a total of $13 million annually. During 1993, in addition to founding and directing the Strategy Associates consulting practice, Frank assumed the duties of Series Editor for a Florida-based publishing organization, St. Lucie Press, with whom he has published many books in the field of organizational development and quality.

At the present time, Strategy Associates consists of fourteen counselor/consultants who supervise the activities of over 100 contractors available for specific client engagements as project requirements warrant. All counselors/consultants and contractors have been personally certified by Frank Voehl during the past ten years. Our consulting practice is supported by the research facilities at two local universities with whom strategic alliances have been formed: Florida International University (FIU) and the University of Miami. We also have an alliance with two long-standing CPA firms: Albert L. Masters & Company (FL), and Torok, Kirgestner, Zalenick, and Cooke (OH), who augment our financial diagnosis capability.

Strategy Associates’ consultants have been involved with many organizations in helping implement performance efficiency assessments and quality systems, as well as participating in the development of leading-edge thinking. Through our project activities and partnerships/alliances with various organizations, we have helped provide coaching, mentoring and organizational development assistance to many hundreds of executives in client organizations.

Our templates, surveys, and diagnosis models will enable the project to reach maximum potential in the shortest period of time. It is a proven approach that was first developed more than twenty years ago and has been refined and used successfully with many types of organizations, both in the public and private sectors ever since.