Strategy Associates Offerings

Organizational Development

Organizational Development practices utilized by Strategy Associates provides our clients with an assurance that they can be prepared to take on the challenges of delivering sustainable results against defined business goals and strategies in an ever increasing competitive environment.

We believe that a deliberate strategic alignment approach is best for the changing and challenging environment of the 21st century.  Our Organizational Development focus provides a truly holistic and integrated approach through a process we call Vision-to-Results Strategic Alignment.

Strategic Alignment is not a one-time event or a program. Strategic Alignment is a deliberate leadership process that builds employee commitment and connection to the organization’s business strategies while ensuring that employees understand how to contribute towards achievement of any strategy and they willingly do so.  Strategy can refer to any single or combined planned change made and specific actions taken to enable an organization to fulfill its intended objectives.  It may include any combination of the following:

  • Reach its Vision and/or fulfill its Mission through managerial effectiveness
  • Achieve defined business strategies and goals through leadership influence
  • Create, increase, or maintain market share through leadership impact
  • Build customer and employee loyalty
  • Create strategic alignment through active employee engagement
  • Improve operational performance

Today any business strategy must be management’s total game plan for strengthening the organization’s position, pleasing employees and customers, and achieving balanced yet sustainable performance outcomes—whatever they may be. Our distinctive approach to effective and sustainable Organizational development results is driven by application of the following model:

While we offer the full spectrum of Organizational Development interventions and practices, our current strategic alignment initiatives include the following:

  1. Cultural Performance Assessment & Improvement®
  2. Leadership Competency Assessment & Development Profile®
  3. Dynamic Leadership Competency Development Program®
  4. Workforce Capacity Planning

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We offer an integrated variety of executive and leadership development programs balanced to provide our clients with customized approaches that address individual and team needs..  The following are among our Executive & Leadership offerings:

  • Executive Performance Coaching & Development
  • Leadership Competency Assessment Programs
  • Management Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Competency Development Programs (Custom)
  • Leadership Team Development & Team Building Initiatives
  • Leadership Foundations Training
  • Situational Leadership II Certified Facilitator & Counselor
  • Leadership Performance Coaching & Counseling
  • Developing Leadership Courage

While we do offer the full spectrum of Executive and Leadership Development products and services listed above, we are pleased to announce for 2012 our newest Leadership Development Program.

“Strategic Dynamic Leadership” is an innovative 21st century leadership competency-based development program designed to provide senior and middle management individuals an opportunity to explore and expand their leadership capacity, capability, and impact. The intent of this program is to provide a forum for professionals to discuss, learn, and otherwise enhance their knowledge and skills that can lead their organizations towards continuous high-performance leadership and managerial practices. Core learning modules are defined below and are customized to meet specific client development needs:

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

HOPS International LLC addresses the dilemma, situations, and challenges facing both management and employees today by effectively analyzing interpersonal, group, and organizational components as they impact individual and organizational performance.  Through innovative and up-to-date applications of organizational development and human resource improvement methodologies tested in multiple worldwide applications, our team of experienced associates does more than just provide a mechanical approach to solving and improving your organization’s bottom line performance – We create alignment and linkages from Vision to sustainable Results.

As a globally acclaimed organizational and leadership development team with major achievements in both the public and private sectors, Strategy Associates provides a personalized consultative approach, from leadership to the front-line, to increase effectiveness and efficiency of performance by analyzing not only how employees perform their jobs, but why, what they think, and how they feel, thus humanizing relationships between  management and employees throughout all levels of the organization.

Management and Supervisory Development

Management and Supervisory Development

Strategy Associates offers an integrated variety of supervisory and management skills development programs balanced to provide our clients with customized approaches to skill development.  The following are among our skill development offerings:

  • Supervisory & Management Skill Development
  • Management Competency Development
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Programs
  • Intrapersonal Skills Training (Emotional Maturity)
  • Performance Management TrainingPersonal Performance & Productivity Improvement Training
  • People-Smart Skills Training
  • Negotiation Skills Training
  • Conflict Management TrainingMediation & Conflict Counseling Services
  • Diversity Awareness Training
  • Customer Service Training Programs
  • Executive & Management Retreat Development & Facilitation
  • Experiential Adventure Learning Programs
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Programs, Training, & Coaching
  • Situational Leadership II Training
  • Mentoring Training
  • Project & Program Management Training
  • Team Building & Team Development

We also offer a progressive building-block structure from pre-supervisory through executive leadership skills development. This is your total skill-development solution for building an integrated supervisory and management team! The above-illustrated progressive learning model is used to demonstrate our approach to building a high-performance organization through a more holistic, integrated, and progressive competency-based development of supervisory, management, and executive team leadership. Core skill-based curriculum under each category can be customized to address specific client skill development needs.