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Six Sigma for Results

Six Sigma for Results

Six Sigma for Results is Strategy Associate’s offering in this new dimension of quality effectiveness and corporate scorekeeping. It is a breakthrough measurement strategy based upon the premise that to win in today’s marketplace, the organization or the community must be able to set and achieve stretch goals for breakthrough. Companies like General Electric (GE) have used the Six Sigma methodology to gain and maintain competitive advantage and take the marketplace by storm. GE CEO Jack Welch has called Six Sigma the most important quality methodology to come down the pike in the past twenty years, and we wholeheartedly concur with his optimism on its future potential to transform the global marketplace for those visionary organizations who are able to jump onto this transformation bandwagon and stay there and win.

The Aim Is to Win

The key to winning is doing the right things faster and better and smarter and more effectively than the competition. Helping clients win and build competitive advantage in today’s global, rapidly-shifting competitive e-business battlefield demands of us an ever greater level of creativity and flexibility in combining and recombining our people and our knowledge in ways appropriate to the unique circumstances of each client project using, among other strategies, Six Sigma for Results. These methodologies offer a combination of Six Sigma for Results philosophies, combined with a large dosage of powerful, practical, and up-to-date statistical tools and techniques. Our focus is always on the practical: what are the right goals needed to win and how does the organization go about achieving them in the most cost-effective manner?

Strategy Associates’ commitment to smart and practical Six Sigma methodologies also depends on our refusal to focus on tampering with a client’s processes to make them incrementally more efficient while leaving fundamental issues of measurement, strategy or competitive performance untouched. We strongly believe that, in the vast majority of our assignments, the sources of any sustainable advantage do not rest solely, or even primarily, on such tactical improvements, for they can be easily copied, and that is precisely what the competition is doing each and every day.

Strategic positioning which leads to competitive advantage is about innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, Six Sigma measurement strategies and logistics implementation, and moving at the speed of e-business in cyberspace. For your organization, this means relatively little time spent on repetitive processes and manually-driven tasks and much more time spent on the core issues of Six Sigma methodologies, in developing and implementing strategy, in business building, and in honing the entrepreneurial edge. It means spending more time on the things that matter, both to your customers, your stakeholders, and your employees. It means spending more time in honing the practice of winning by implementing Six Sigma methods that make a difference.

The Strategy Associates Edge

The consultants and practitioners at Strategy Associates know how to implement Six Sigma for Results. Our consultants were early pioneers in the American development of Six Sigma at FPL and other organizations, beginning with our work with the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) in the early 1980s. Our early pioneering work led to many Fortune 500 organizations embracing the Six Sigma measurement methodology, organizations such as Motorola, General Electric, Foxboro, Eli Lilly, IBM-UK, AT&T, and others. Our wide selection of Six Sigma programs, products, and services can be a significant contribution to you and your organization in achieving maximum value in any part of your transformation efforts, as outlined in our Six Sigma Offerings directory.

Because Strategy Associates is a virtual group company involving hundreds of expert consultants around the world, we effectively bundle our knowledge with a Six Sigma project team to deliver a consulting study, when that is what the client really needs. But we can also deliver a management training program through our affiliate Universities (University of Miami and Florida International University) when that is the best answer; or we can wrap it with world-class customer analysis methodologies and deliver original and actionable Six Sigma- designed marketing strategies for competing in cyberspace.

Our Six Sigma Methodology

One of the most impressive and useful aspects of our Six Sigma methodology is its scope, which has been assembled in conjunction with our prominent faculty partners at the University of Miami. No other methodology today comes close to ours in assembling all of the needed statistical and related quality effectiveness tools in one place under one integrated set of offerings. Fundamental techniques such as QFD, FMEA, SPC, and Process Mapping/Flowcharting form the cornerstones of our approach, along with a wide plethora of powerful statistical thinking techniques and concepts. Included are simplified versions of regression analysis and model fitting, process capability analysis, advanced SPC, exploratory data analysis, Design of Experiments for Results, comparison methods and Bootstrapping techniques, measurement capability analysis, to name a few. We have even included an extensive presentation of reliability testing and analysis methods, including repairable and non-repairable components, which is presented in a practical, straightforward, and understandable manner.

Classical Six Sigma Approaches

All types of organizations can benefit from a well thought out Six Sigma program that includes concise training on how Statistical Thinking is applicable to their business processes. Forrest Breyfogle, one of the prominent leaders in the movement, has stated that “managers need concise Six Sigma training so that they can give direction to their employees in order to accomplish tasks in the most efficient manner and present information in a concise fashion. If all individuals within an organization would apply Six Sigma statistical techniques, many meetings that are conducted for the purpose of problem discussion would either be avoided or yield increased benefits with more efficiency. Engineering management and general problem solvers need to have statistical concepts presented to them in an accessible format so that they can understand how to use these tools for illumination. Also, theoretical derivations and manual statistical analysis procedures can be very laborious and confusing to many practioners.” Our Six Sigma for Results methodology addresses these issues and needs.

So let us show you how Six Sigma can be used to solve real-world problems and reach your desired goals without breaking and bankrupting your training budget, while achieving a 4 to 1 payback ratio in most instances. Check out our offerings on this website and give us a call today. The stakes are high; the moment is right; the time is now!